About Me

My name is Zoë Mathers and I live in a small village in Staffordshire.

I work as a Forest School leader in a Primary School and spend my free time exploring and photographing the wildlife at nature reserves locally and further afield with my husband, John.

My love for wildlife began at a very young age. The memories from childhood that always spring to my mind are the ones spent outdoors in our back garden or camping.  I wasn’t doing anything particularly structured; I created a puddle of water at the bottom of my slide for a frog which I found in the garden, collected numerous insects and gave them all names, and a blackbird’s song will always remind me of summer evenings spent in the garden with my mum, dad and sister. This love for nature, even when pushed to the back of my mind during those teenage years when other things seemed so much ‘more important,’ always remained. This passion and love was re-awakened during my mid-twenties and has remained stronger than ever since then.

For me wildlife is a way of escaping the stresses of every day life. Amongst nature everything is put into perspective; the difference of opinion with a colleague at work, the big bill that came through the post that morning, a pile of dishes, that lost receipt, a broken shower, all of those things that build up to make every day life that little bit harder completely dissolve and are no longer important. Wildlife has ‘saved’ me in so many ways, brought me back from a time in my life when I was at the brink of despair.

I want to show people everything that wildlife has to offer, especially in the UK. Through my diary entries, comical anecdotes, photographs and video footage I want to encourage others to embrace what the world of wildlife has to offer and hopefully allow themselves to ‘fall in love’ with all of its wonders.


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