About Me

9770_10151477859544436_2078615188_nMy name is Zoë Mathers and I live in a small village in Staffordshire with my husband John.

We spend the majority of our free time exploring and photographing the wildlife at nature reserves locally and further afield.

Through my blog I would like to show people that wildlife is all around us no matter where we live. Wildlife can be found in nature reserves, derelict buildings, car parks and even toilet blocks! Wildlife can be seen at the weekend, after work, during lunch breaks and looking outside the office window from time to time.

I am no photography expert and photograph and film wildlife using my basic canon bridge camera. I also use a camera trap to film wildlife at night and I use a camera nest box to film a pair of blue tits nesting on my balcony in the spring.

Wildlife can be spotted all year round. I love the different seasons as it brings something new… snakes and frogs in spring, butterflies and damsels in summer, red deer and fungi in autumn and my absolute favourite, the starling murmurations in the winter.

My blog will show you what you can see in the UK, where and when. From snakes, frogs and creepy crawlies to birds, butterflies and badgers, there will be something for everyone.







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